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We're two guys living in Skövde, Sweden. To survive the harsh winter and continuous attacks from nuclear alien polar bears, we started developing indie games.

{ D o u b l e   Z e r o   O n e   Z e r o   c o n s i s t s   o f }

Pontus Lundén

Who does everything except for programming.

Kristian Brodal

Who does nothing but programming.


Do you have any questions? Want to contact us about one of our games? Feel free to mail us either to our one of our e-mails or to our office address.

Pontus Lundén

{ d e s i g n e r   -   c o m p o s e r   -   a r t i s t }

Kristian Brodal

{ p r o g r a m e r }

Office address:

Kaplansgatan 16B, 541 34 Skövde, Sweden