The game contains a lot of flashing colors that may or may not cause you discomfort.

This game was initially made for Global Game Jam 2014. All in all it took us less than 48 hours to create this game. But we thought the game came out nice enough that we wanted it to be played, so here it is. Make your way through the level and try not to die. Activating blocks on yourself will make you die. The character automatically runs and cannot in any way be stopped. When the character runs into a wall it turns around and runs the other way.

Contains mad beats, should be played with headphones or a very large subwoofer.

T H E   G A M E   W A S   M A D E   B Y

Josef Martinovsky - Design
Karl Flodin - Music
Hampus Gustafsson - Programming
Jonas Alenius - Programming
Kristian Brodal (of Double Zero One Zero) - Programming
Pontus Lunden (of Double Zero One Zero) - Art and Animation

Keyboard Controls:

A - Activate red blocks
S - Activate blue blocks
9 - Activate green blocks
0 - Activate yellow blocks
Space - Jump
R - Restart Level
Esc - Return to menu

Xbox 360 Gamepad Controls:

B - Activate red blocks
X - Activate blue blocks
A - Activate green blocks
Y - Activate yellow blocks
LB - Jump
Back - Restart Level
Start - Return to menu