Virtual reality.

People used to dream about it. Now, and for some time, it's been the reality. Massive digital worlds where people could be whoever they wanted, whenever they wanted, soon spread throughout the networks. By accessing one of six different terminal based systems called Vir.MIND, anyone with the money could enter these magical realms. The more you payed, the more luxurius the Vir.MIND system you got access to became.

During early development however, there was a breach into the Vir.MIND servers. The attack was made by a still unknown hacker, who either didn't like where the Vir.MIND project was going, or just wanted a piece of the cake. What is known though, is what happend after. The hacker distributed the stolen source code online. Tens of thousands of programmers got a hold of the code, and created their own free customizable world that they ran on giant peer-based networks. This world was called Terminal System Seven.

In TSS there is nothing and everything. It's an empty space that the users themselves can fill with whatever they like. It's a ghetto and paradise at the same time, where no laws in control to either stop nor help you. It's just your code, versus theirs.

Terminal System Seven is a Turnbased Tactics game with strong influences from 80's Cyber fiction. The game takes place in a virtual world, where the players use "modules" to customize their units, and will features city-like levels with (destructable) buildings. Our plan is to create a game reminiscent of old tactical DOS games such as Syndicate and XCOM, but new ideas and mechanics in order to create the best of two worlds.

The game is currently in development, and is planned to be released on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. If you want to follow our development of the game, or just want to read more about it, be sure to follow links down below!

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